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You've probably already seen or heard about poke bowls... They have been quite trendy these years and we can see them more and more around. There even are restaurants that make exclusively these colourful bowls with Hawaiian roots.

Poke means something like "cut" in Hawaiian and is a typical raw fish salad.
The most commonly used fish to prepare it is the yellowfin tuna however other types of tunas and fishes such as salmon or even octopus are also used. The dressing usually includes soy sauce, onions, sesame seeds, chili, seaweeds and inamona, crushed native nuts named kukui.

So these bowls were created with the idea of creating a big salad loaded with raw vegetables and a rice or quinoa bed. Many variations can be found that include all kind of veggies, fruit, nuts, legumes, and other elements and seasonings. 

So I came up with this poke bowl full of good veggies and a brown rice bed that I cooked with some kaffir lime leaves and fresh turmeric to give an aromatic touch and some more colour. The dressing is the same we make to marinate the tuna. With the following amounts you will be able to make 2 big bowls and you'll have some tuna left that you can use to make a nice tartar, to give you an idea...

So here's the recipe....


INGREDIENTS (Makes 2 to 4 bowls)

  • 1 fresh tuna loin (around 350 gr.)
  • 1 avocado 
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/2 cucumber 
  • Seaweed mix with dulse, nori and ulva, previously soaked
  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • Broccoli sprouts
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Brown rice, previously cooked and cooled
  • Optional to cook the rice: 2 kaffir lime laves and some grated fresh turmeric

To marinate the tuna

  • 6 Tbsp. tamari or soy sauce
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves 
  • Chili flakes or cayenne pepper to taste 
  • Black and white sesame 
  • 3 Tbsp. sesame oil 
  • 2 Tbsp. rice vinegar 
  • 2 Tbsp, agave syrup  
  • 1 piece of ginger 
  • Ground black pepper 

  1. First we prepare the tuna that we will leave macerating.
  2. Cut the the tuna in small cubes or the size to your liking and reserve.
  3. In a bowl mix: the tamari sauce, garlic, chili, sesame, sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave syrup, grated ginger and ground pepper, stir all well and ad the tuna, cover it all with the dressing so it takes all the flavour. Keep in the fridge for about 2 hours. The more it rests the more flavour it will have. 
  4. Now the rest of the salad we spiralized the cucumber with the skin, cut the carrot into thin strips we make using a peeler, cut the tomatoes into quarters or half's and the avocado into slices.
  5. We put all together in a large bowl along with some sprouts, seaweeds, some chopped mint leaves, some rice and the marinated tuna. 
  6. Drizzle some dressing from the tuna marinade and done!

Blueberries & Olives
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