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GOLDEN MILK, a great natural remedy


Now half the world got the flu or is having a cold, I though it would be quite appropriate to post this recipe of golden milk. Before we start taking pills and other drugs compulsively there are many other homemade remedies that are actually quite effective wether it is to boost the immune system or to relieve our symptoms.



The golden milk is a beverage from the Indian traditional Ayurvedic medicine, one of the most ancients in the world. The main ingredient is turmeric and it consists in a mix of spices with diverse medicinal and relieving properties that are taken with warm milk.
 There are different versions and variations of the original recipe however the most commonly seen usuallly has milk (vegetable or regular), turmeric and honey (always added at the end and never warmed). As you may already know turmeric has multitude of health benefits for the digestive system (helps digestion, reduces flatulence); to detoxify the liver; it is also a good antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It boosts the immune system and helps healing respiratory deseases. This recipe also has ginger which is another great component thanks to its antibacterial, expectorant and analgesic properties



It’s a very nice and aromatic drink, absolutaley delicious. For a well mixed, creamy and foamy milk I recommend using a hand blender or milk frother, you’ll note it is much better. You can use fresh turmeric and ginger to make a paste but to make it easier and quicker we will use powder this time.
Here’s the recipe of this natural remedy of golden milk. The amount of ingredients are for one cup, if you want more you just need to double the quantities.;) 


INGREDIENTS: (For 1 cup)

 1 cup of almond or rice milk (or the milk of your choice)
 1/2 tsp. Turmeric powder
 1 tbsp honey
 1/4 tsp. Ginger powder
 1/4 tsp. cinnamon powder
 1/4 cardamom powder
 1 saffron thread
 1 pich of ground black pepper or cayenne pepper (optional)
 1 pinch of pink himalayan salt
 1/2 tsp. virgin coconut oil



1. Pour the milk in a small sauce pan and warm up. Remove from the heat before it simmers.
2. Add all the ingredients, and lastly the honey. Stir with a whisk to mix it up.
3. Use a hand blender or milk frother for a foamy drink.
4. Serve warm on a mug and enjoy!


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